How To Get The Most Out Of Your Credit Score

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Use Good Credit

Once you have good credit, you probably will already feel an overall improvement in your outlook on life. You may get a boost in self-esteem, or you might just feel relieved. However, credit scores aren’t all about feeling good. They’re also extremely valuable tools to help you get more out of life, and improve your personal finances. Here’s how you can benefit from a better credit score.

  • Switch to a better credit card. If you’re paying borderline extortion-level fees because you have a bad credit credit card, then you might as well get to enjoy the perks of good credit. Simply apply for a new credit card with better rates, transfer the balance over, and enjoy better interest rates and lower bills.
  • Refinance your home. If you got a high interest mortgage while you had bad credit, you may be able to lower your monthly payments significantly by getting it refinanced.
  • Get a better apartment. In many cases, landlords will turn away people with bad credit or force them to pay more for an apartment of poor quality. If you’re tired of living in the apartment that you currently live in, now would be a good time to apply for a better place.
  • Get a better car. If you have good credit, getting an auto loan with 0% interest is possible. If you have been trying to get a new car in recent years, then using your credit to your advantage is the best possible way to get things done. (Besides, avoiding bad credit auto loans is a great thing in and of itself!)
  • Upgrade your phone or get a better plan. Many phone companies use credit to determine how much a person pays per month, or what kind of phone they can afford. If you have had bad credit, and wanted a better phone, now is the best time to work it out in your favor.
  • Negotiate your credit card interest rates. If you don’t want to completely end your credit card use, you may be able to do well for yourself by using your improved credit score as a bargaining chip for lower credit interest rates. It’s worth a shot!
  • Get a better job. Many high-end employers require a credit check in order to get hired. If you have good credit, you may qualify.

Credit can help you get a better life in a multitude of different ways. You earned it, so you may as well enjoy it for all that it’s worth.

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