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10 Signs That You May Have Bad Credit

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Many people have bad credit, but don’t even know it because they don’t check their credit reports frequently. The funny thing about bad credit is that you can feel its effects in every day life. If you have noticed any of these warning signs, it may be time to take a good look at your credit report and work on getting good credit fast. Warning Sign #1: You’ve missed a couple of...

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Why Avoid Bad Credit Car Loans?

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Getting a car with bad credit is often considered to be one of the biggest mistakes a person can make. It’s a major loan which can mean thousands of dollars’ worth of payments, and with the wrong car loan, the already expensive decision to get a car can be made into an even bigger expense. Here’s why… Higher Interest Rates Means Higher Monthly Payments What many people...

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How Getting Good Credit Improves Your Financial Life

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In the world of personal finance, a person’s ability to keep themselves stable is going to rely on the tools that they have at hand. One of the best tools you can have in your financial arsenal is good credit. It’s the ultimate bargaining chip when it comes to grabbing discounts, and it also can help you in a multitude of other ways. Here’s how good credit can improve your...

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7 Things That Can Potentially Hurt Your Credit

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 If you’ve been reading our blogs, then you probably have the goal of improving your credit in mind. Raising your credit score by dozens or even hundreds of points is important, but it’s also important to make sure to protect your credit score by avoiding actions that could negatively impact it. Most people don’t always know what does and doesn’t make a credit score...

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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Credit Score

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Once you have good credit, you probably will already feel an overall improvement in your outlook on life. You may get a boost in self-esteem, or you might just feel relieved. However, credit scores aren’t all about feeling good. They’re also extremely valuable tools to help you get more out of life, and improve your personal finances. Here’s how you can benefit from a better...

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What Are Credit Scores Used For?

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You’ve probably already heard that a credit score is very important to a person’s financial life. In fact, if you’re on our site, you probably already know that you need to improve your credit score. Most of the time, you might assume that credit scores are just used to get approved for a loan, but this isn’t the case. There are many other reasons why credit scores can get...

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Experian’s Data Breach

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  If you have recently sent in your credit reporting information to T-Mobile for a new phone, watch out! The credit reporting bureau that helps T-Mobile decide on payment plans, Experian, has recently experienced a major information leak. The leak, which was caused by a social engineering attack, has impacted about 15 million people, all of whom had applied for T-Mobile post-payment plans....

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5 Reasons You Can Dispute A Credit Report Issue

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By law, you have the right to a fair and accurate credit report, but what does that really mean? According to experts on the subject, a fair and accurate credit report is a report that doesn’t have any inconsistencies, half-truths, or flat-out lies on it. As you might already know, you can dispute a credit report error and have it removed. You might not fully be aware of what constitutes as...

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Can You Rent An Apartment With Bad Credit?

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Bad credit can make or break your ability to get a mortgage, and we all know that’s true. Nowadays, even getting an apartment with bad credit can be difficult, since most landlords have begun to require a credit check for potential lessees. The more problematic issue with apartment rental credit checks is that there’s really no minimum standard credit score that renters will need, so...

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How Hard Is It To Get Approved For A Discover Card?

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Discover often has a similar prestige to American Express, and depending on which card you choose, it could also be a card that lends itself to a slew of benefits. Most people also will associate Discover with quality customer service, higher credit limits, and overall ease of use. Understandably, it’s a coveted card. However, with all those benefits comes a little bit of exclusivity. How...

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