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What Is A Good Credit Score To Have?

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Having good credit is a blessing and a great way to make doors open for you. They can make loans cheaper, make it easier for you to buy a house, and also can work to your advantage on a number of different issues. With a range of scores that can be anywhere from 300 to over 800, it’s hard to tell what lenders will consider a good credit score. Here’s what you need to know about each...

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The Minimum Credit Score For A Low Interest Credit Card Is...

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Everyone who is a regular credit card user probably wished at one point or another that they could get a low interest credit card. The benefits of a low interest card are many. For one, they accrue debt much slower than a typical card does. When you pair it with the many perks that these kinds of cards have (such as frequent flyer miles), you end up with a highly coveted card that many people...

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Prepaid Credit Cards: What Are They Good For?

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If you have bad credit, you have probably been looking into getting a prepaid credit card. Admittedly, the term “credit card” here is often a misnomer used by people who aren’t totally aware of what the terms of these kinds of cards are. Technically, they are debit cards – similar to the ones that you would get at the bank. Because they do not offer you a line of credit,...

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Should You Apply For A Credit Card?

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Most people who want to improve their financial standing or boost their credit score quickly often wonder whether or not they should apply for a credit card. Credit cards can be useful in both building credit and rebuilding credit. But, there’s both a good time and a good reason for everything. Should you apply for a credit card right now? It depends. You Should, If… You have...

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10 Insane Credit Card Rewards Programs And Perks

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Did you ever wonder why some cards are infamous or famous for their rewards programs and prestige? More often than not, it’s because their rewards programs offer perks that would normally cost a person thousands of dollars to attain. Obviously, not all notorious credit card rewards are what they’re cracked up to be, but these ten really do take the cake. The Citibank Ultima Card...

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What To Do With Bad Credit Cards

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If you’ve ever owned a credit card with a multitude of fees and a high interest rate, you already may be aware of the difference between bad credit cards and good credit cards. Good credit cards offer a great opportunity to improve credit scores, pay down debt, and even earn some nifty cash back rewards. Bad credit cards can turn your financial life into a living nightmare. What can you do...

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Why You Should Avoid Bad Credit Loans Whenever Possible

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Avoid Bad Credit Loans! Many people are just happy to be able to get a loan of any kind – even a bad credit loan. There are times when bad credit loans are unavoidable, such as when you have to get a loan to get a used car in order to get to work because your current car was totaled. However, this doesn’t make being content with bad credit acceptable. In fact, bad credit loans should...

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Good Credit Cards For Students

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  If you’re fresh out of high school and ready to start building a good history of credit, congratulations! You are being responsible, and that’s a wonderful thing to do. While we do talk about the problems that come with spending too much on credit cards quite frequently on this blog, we also want to stress that some credit card use can actually be very beneficial. This is...

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How To Get Good Credit: Credit 101

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How To Get Good Credit: Credit 101  Credit scores are important – but you already probably knew that. They can be the deciding factor on whether or not you get an apartment, whether you’re hired or fired, or even how much you pay every month on the cards you already have. Good credit is awesome to have. Of course, everyone should know how to get good credit. Here’s a quick...

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What Is The Minimum Credit Score For A Mortgage?

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Having your own home is the cornerstone of the American Dream. Without it, you can’t get that beautiful white picket fence, and having a suburban lifestyle will also be pretty difficult. A house isn’t only just a status symbol these days- it’s an investment that can pay off very well. Unfortunately, many people often just don’t believe they can get a mortgage, primarily...

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