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10 Important Money Lessons Everyone Should Learn

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Getting a good credit score is important, but it’s really only half the battle. A truly financially fit person will have a lot more going for them than just paying bills on time. Here are some of the most important lessons in money making, money saving, and investing that you can learn. It’s really unsafe to be in debt. You already may have learned this the hard way when you saw...

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Your Credit Score: What Is It Good For?

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Paying your bills on time can be a massive chore, and at times, it may seem like your credit score has very little effect on anything other than a loan or a credit card application. However, as time passes, more and more groups are using a credit score to make a decision on who they should work with. If you feel like your FICO score is inconsequential, think again. Take a look at some of the...

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Company Fined $2.75M For Hurting Customers Credit Scores

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In a recent event the first investors financial services group was fined $2.75M for reporting false information in their reports to credit agencies. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau imposed this fine. The company allegedly affected the credit scores of thousands of customers. The company’s computer systems were reported to have been the source of the problem. The company is said to...

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It's Disturbingly Likely That Your Credit Report Is Wrong

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Jeffrey Beaubien likes to review his credit score on his birthday every year. The 47-year-old father of two has good reason to stay on top of his credit rating. In 2012, he says, he found out that the three biggest credit bureaus in the country had made a whopping mistake on his credit reports: They were each reporting that he was liable for roughly $77,000 more of his son's student loans than...

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