Why can't I dispute inconsistencies on my credit report myself?

The truth is that you can. However, professional credit repair companies like ScoreCure exist because it requires an immense amount of time, knowledge and expertise in order to properly complete a credit repair process. Because we have a high level of expertise and many years of experience, our credit team is much more qualified to deal with your credit issues than if you were to try to tackle them by yourself. Additionally, many individuals find that they simply do not have the time to pursue credit repair themselves.

How exactly does the credit repair process work?

By disputing the inaccurate, incomplete, misleading, biased or unverifiable items on your credit reports with your creditors, ScoreCure will work diligently to get these negative items removed. Next is the disputing process, which consists of sending personalized letters to your creditors and following all of the legal procedures and methods for removing negative items from your credit report. Once our credit team gets these negative items removed from your credit report, your score will go up and your credit will begin to improve.

Can I be sure that my personal and credit information is being kept confidential?

Absolutely! We are dedicated to maintaining your confidentiality and privacy throughout the entire credit repair process. We make sure to only disclose your information to authorized personnel, including your creditors, banks, etc. Thanks to our advanced computer system, you can be sure that your private information is secure and private.

Is the credit repair service offered by ScoreCure legal?

Of course, our credit repair services are 100% legal. According to the U.S. credit laws, it is legal for citizens to dispute errors and miscalculations on their credit report with their creditors. Our ScoreCure team simply acts as a third party service in order to dispute these errors for our clients. For further details about the legality of credit repair, review the U.S. credit laws.

How long does the credit repair program take to work?

The amount of time that our program takes to work varies from client to client, but the general time range is 6 months. Since each of of clients is unique, the length of the program is dependent on each client's situation. Some of the factors that affect the speed of your results are if you have negative items or inconsistencies to dispute, and if you have difficult items to rectify with the credit bureau. See our detailed credit repair duration guide

Do I have to pay my bills after my negative items are deleted?

Yes, you do have to continue paying your bills. If there are delinquent listings appearing on your credit report that have not been paid off, then those debts do still exist, meaning they still have to be paid. Even though the negative items are removed from your credit report, you still have to pay the same amount of money that was owed before their removal. Credit repair is not a get-out-of-debt method; it is simply a way to clear your credit report of bad items so your score will increase.

Can deleted items reappear on my credit report?

Occasionally, it is possible for negative items that have been deleted to reappear on your credit report. Fortunately, however, with the enforcement of credit laws in the U.S., it is becoming increasingly difficult for the credit bureaus to re-report negative items that have been deleted. If, by chance, a negative item does reappear on your credit report, you will receive a notice from the credit bureau that will inform you of the situation.

What sets ScoreCure apart from other credit repair companies?

According to our happy clients, there is a noticeable difference between our personalized services offered at ScoreCure and the standardized treatment services offered by other credit repair companies. Our friendly ScoreCure customer service team treats our clients like an individual, not a number. We send personalized letters to your creditors that outline your unique situation, opposed to the identical letters that are sent out by other credit repair companies. Since everyone has a different credit situation, we recognize that everyone's credit repair program should be different as well.