Our Process

Steps to
Effective Credit Restoration

At ScoreCure, We make the credit restoration process as easy and hassle-free as possible.

We provide a proven and highly effective program to our clients, which is calculated by 5 factors.


Free Consultation

We offer a free, no-obligation, confidential consultation to find out whether or not we’re able to help you. It’s fast, easy, and can help you learn about your options.

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We can determine if you need any help in the areas

  • Credit Education

    We will provide educational resources on how to build and maintain a healthy credit report.

  • Debt relief options

    Assistance with debt relief could be a crucial part of credit restoration. We can point you in the right direction for many debt relief options.

  • Mortgage refi or new home purchase

    We have many trusted resources
    for your home buying needs!

  • Auto refi or new auto purchase

    Buying the right car is very important, but getting a good payment is equally important. We can help guide you in the right direction so you don’t overpay for your next car!


Credit Consultation

Once the initial review is complete and we are in agreement that our program is a good fit, we will conduct an in-depth credit restoration audit to tailor a plan for your account. Our team will work with you on your file, keeping you informed every step of the way via our client portal. The initial credit audit will last 30 minutes and will help answer any questions or concerns.

The credit consultation will include the following and more…

  • Plan tailored to your needs
  • Analysis of your credit report
  • Provide 24/7 account access to client portal
  • 1st round of dispute letters
  • Assistance with credit monitoring
  • ID theft protection


This is where you get to see our skills in action. Once we have concluded the audit, we will contact creditors and bureaus to remove inaccuracies, and also work to ensure that each investigation is done properly. We will keep you informed throughout the whole process with monthly follow up calls, emails and 24/7 access to via updates on your file.

Get a 100% Free Consultation now

FDCPA Violations

Earn up to $1000 from collectors!

Let us fight Collections Agency violations

  • Are you receiving harassing, abusive, or threatening phone calls or letters?
  • Did a debt collector advise you that this communication is from a debt collector?
  • Did a debt collector leave you a voice message that someone besides you overheard?
  • Have your friends or employer received phone calls or letters about your debt?
  • Does a debt you disputed or settled still appear on your credit report?

During this period we will attempt to remove the following questionable negative items:

  • 1 Personal Information
  • 2 Late Payments
  • 3 Collection Accounts
  • 4 Charge-Offs
  • 5 Repossessions
  • 6 Foreclosures
  • 7 Public Records