Our Process

Steps to
Effective Credit Restoration

At ScoreCure, we make every effort to make the credit restoration process as easy and hassle-free as possible.

We provide a proven and highly effective program to our clients, which is calculated by 5 factors.


Free Consultation

We offer a free, no-obligation, confidential consultation to find out whether or not we’re able to help you fix your credit. It’s fast, easy, and can help you learn about your options.

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We can determine if you need any help in the areas

  • Building new credit

    We can assist our clients with locating new sources of new credit that will help the credit improvement process.

  • Debt relief options

    Assistance with debt relief could be a crucial part of credit restoration. We can point you in the right direction for many debt relief options.

  • Mortgage refi or new home purchase

    We can also help you save money on your current mortgage or buy the home of your dreams by improving your credit using our highly effective program.

  • Auto refi or new auto purchase

    Buying the right car is very important, but getting a good payment is equally important. We can help you by making sure you do not overpay for your next car.


Credit Restoration Audit

Once the initial review is complete and we are in agreement that our program is a good fit, we will conduct an in-depth credit restoration audit to tailor a plan for your account. Our team will work with you on your file, keeping you informed every step of the way via our client portal. The initial credit audit will last 30 minutes and will help answer any questions or concerns. Clients can see results as early as 45 days, but typical programs last about 6 months.

The credit restoration audit will include the following and more…

  • Plan tailored to your needs
  • Analysis of your credit report
  • Provide 24/7 account access to client portal
  • 1st round of dispute letters
  • Assistance with credit monitoring
  • ID theft protection


We Repair Your Credit – This is where you get to see our skills in action. Once we have concluded the audit, we will contact creditors and bureaus to remove inaccuracies, and also work to ensure that each investigation is done properly. We will keep you informed throughout the whole process with monthly follow up calls, emails and 24/7 access to via updates on your file.

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FDCPA Violations

Earn up to $1000 from collectors!

Let us fight Collections Agency violations

  • Are you receiving harassing, abusive, or threatening phone calls or letters?
  • Did a debt collector advise you that this communication is from a debt collector?
  • Did a debt collector leave you a voice message that someone besides you overheard?
  • Have your friends or employer received phone calls or letters about your debt?
  • Does a debt you disputed or settled still appear on your credit report?

During this period we will attempt to remove the following questionable negative items:

  • 1 Personal Information
  • 2 Late Payments
  • 3 Collection Accounts
  • 4 Charge-Offs
  • 5 Repossessions
  • 6 Foreclosures
  • 7 Public Records


Once your credit has been repaired, you get to enjoy the perks of good credit! We may then offer you assistance by referring you to our partners so that you may take advantage of your new credit.

You will have unlimited access to us for up to 1 year, and we guarantee our work.
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Tamby Y.

Hawthorne, NJ


6 month


My review. A good friend of mine referred me to ScoreCure and I had tried one of these services before but didn't have any results. I have been with ScoreCure for about 6 months or so and honestly I am so impressed and satisfied. Since being a member I have had 10 deletions off of my credit report and about a 100 point increase in my credit score. I couldn't even qualify for a Home Depot credit card prior to signing up. Now I'm getting credit card offers in the mail. I can't wait to finally rebuild my credit and qualify for a home loan so I can live the American dream!!!. And I owe it all to ScoreCure Thanks ScoreCure the return on investment was so worth the result!!

Items Removed

Charge offs Late charges

William A.

Bergen County, NJ


6 month


I was in your program for a total of 6 months my scores increased across the board. I am very happy with the service and would recommend them to my family and friends. My goal was to take on a new career path and my scores were holding me back. I got the job and am now getting married. Thank You score cure

Items Removed

Public Records Charge Off

Benyamin S.

West New York, NJ


10 month


I highly recommend this company When I came to them, six months ago, my credit score needed a lot of repair that could only be done by a professional company such as this one. I was very impressed with their level of service, and honesty and integrity they have in conducting business. Within a month, my scores had dramatically improved. Two judgements were removed and they noticed things that I never would have seen on my own. I was always treated with the utmost courtesy, Phone calls were always answered and questions I had were always responded to right away. Because of the work they did to improve my credit score, I am now able to purchase a home. This is the only company to go with when you need your credit score improved!! :)

Items Removed

Public records Charge-Offs Late Payments

Lauren G.

Avalon, NJ


3 month


Just wanted to mention and give high accolades to my friends at ScoreCure. From the first time I contacted them they were really courteous, knowledgeable and extremely helpful! I was not expecting to get such fast results and yet in just three weeks they were able to get several liens and judgments deleted! I really can’t give enough praise to those at ScoreCure, their help has really helped my situation! I would highly recommend their services to anyone wanting to repair their credit! They did everything they said they would in a very fast and efficient manner! Thank you so much ScoreCure!!!!!!!!

Items Removed