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Our clients’ success stories

Tamby Y.

Hawthorne, NJ


6 month


My review. A good friend of mine referred me to ScoreCure and I had tried one of these services before but didn't have any results. I have been with ScoreCure for about 6 months or so and honestly I am so impressed and satisfied. Since being a member I have had 10 deletions off of my credit report and about a 100 point increase in my credit score. I couldn't even qualify for a Home Depot credit card prior to signing up. Now I'm getting credit card offers in the mail. I can't wait to finally rebuild my credit and qualify for a home loan so I can live the American dream!!!. And I owe it all to ScoreCure Thanks ScoreCure the return on investment was so worth the result!!

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William A.

Bergen County, NJ


6 month


I was in your program for a total of 6 months my scores increased across the board. I am very happy with the service and would recommend them to my family and friends. My goal was to take on a new career path and my scores were holding me back. I got the job and am now getting married. Thank You score cure

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Public Records Charge Off

Benyamin S.

West New York, NJ


10 month


I highly recommend this company When I came to them, six months ago, my credit score needed a lot of repair that could only be done by a professional company such as this one. I was very impressed with their level of service, and honesty and integrity they have in conducting business. Within a month, my scores had dramatically improved. Two judgements were removed and they noticed things that I never would have seen on my own. I was always treated with the utmost courtesy, Phone calls were always answered and questions I had were always responded to right away. Because of the work they did to improve my credit score, I am now able to purchase a home. This is the only company to go with when you need your credit score improved!! :)

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Public records Charge-Offs Late Payments

Lauren G.

Avalon, NJ


3 month


Just wanted to mention and give high accolades to my friends at ScoreCure. From the first time I contacted them they were really courteous, knowledgeable and extremely helpful! I was not expecting to get such fast results and yet in just three weeks they were able to get several liens and judgments deleted! I really can’t give enough praise to those at ScoreCure, their help has really helped my situation! I would highly recommend their services to anyone wanting to repair their credit! They did everything they said they would in a very fast and efficient manner! Thank you so much ScoreCure!!!!!!!!

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What clients say about us

Besides my credit score shooting up from 628 to the upper 770's on all three, I've been approved for a Citi Visa, Discover card and just financed a new Nissan with a great finance rate. I've seen the positive effects of having good credit and will work to maintain it so in a year I can buy a house. Thanks again... with your services, none of my recent accomplishments would have been possible.

Earl C.


First off, I would like to express my sincere gratitude for your services. You did a terrific job with getting the credit bureaus to address my credit issues. You customer service team did a terrific job at always answering my emails and addressing my issues - they get an A++ from me. I will definitely recommend your company to anyone who may need their credit repaired. Again, thank you for all your time and dedication with my credit repair.

Jennifer G.


Sign up with Score Cure, to fix your credit scores. They will review your credit report and analyze anything that may appear to be negative that should be disputed.They have re-disputed for me, until my problem was rectified. Score Cure helped me maintain my credit.

Andy S.


Score Cure helped me straighten out all of my bad credit. Now I am at peace starting to gain my credit again. Score Cure has educated me on how to manage my credit reports and my legal rights as a consumer.

Victoria M.


I was looking to get my credit report checked and a friend of mine told me to try out Score Cure. My friend said they were very professional and helped him a great deal. After my experience with Score Cure, I would recommend them to anyone who has suffered from credits problems.

Edward H.


I was fed up with harassing collection calls, and Score Cure really helped me get justice. They really took the time to inform me about how I was being mistreated by my debt collectors, and helped me receive the justice I deserve. I recommend Score Cure to any friends or family that are experiencing similar troubles with collection companies.

David O.

FDCPA Client

After months of putting up with harassing collection company calls, I finally decided to seek help. I chose Score Cure to help me challenge the debt collection companies because they looked very knowledgeable and assured be that they helped many people in the past. I am very happy with my decision because Score Cure enabled me to get a lot of money from my collectors for their violations.

Simon S.

FDCPA Client

I didn't know where to turn when I was being harassed by my creditors. I'm so glad that I found Score Cure, because they really helped me get justice against collection company calls.

Stephen L.

FDCPA Client